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Search & Rescue

Thanks for taking a moment to visit us on the web. With over 60 active, trained searchers, in addition to 10+ Certified K9 handlers (1Certified K9's with 2 IPWDA HRD Crime Scene/Land, 1 NASAR HRD, 2 AMPWDA Level 1 Air Scent, 3 AMPWDA Level 2 trailing, 1 AMPWDA NASAR), several K9 handlers in-training, 5-10 licensed drone pilots, several trained side scan sonar operators, and 20 plus support members, we are a multifaceted team.  When requested, we tailor our response to the needs of the requesting agency.  Whatever service(s) we can provide, we'll do so to the best of our ability.  To learn more, click below or to activate us, call 864-595-5368.  Thank you

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Our Services

Our Servuces

The K9 Unit began in December 2018. Currently, we have 10+ Certified K9 handlers (1Certified K9's with 2 IPWDA HRD Crime Scene/Land, 1 NASAR HRD, 2 AMPWDA Level 1 Air Scent, 3 AMPWDA Level 2 trailing, 1 AMPWDA NASAR) and several K9 handlers in-training.  We hope to have additional K9's certified in their respective disciplines by the end of 2020.  Want to know more about our handlers, see their dogs, and know their disciplines, click below


We began as a ground team in 2007 and pride ourselves on having a robust ground unit.  We now have over 60 certified ground searchers on our team (either NASAR SAR II or NCOEM Field Team) and we're always looking to add more.  Want to know more about our ground efforts, click below:


The Drone Unit began in April 2018 when our first member received their Part 107 License.  Since that time, we've added 7 more pilots, 6 drones, numerous drone cameras (including the Zenmuse XT, 640x512 Resolution), and have our FAA waiver to fly at night.  Click below to meet our pilots and see our inventory:

Inland Water

The inland water initiative began in August 2016 and since that time, we've implemented gradual improvements to our inland water program.  The intent of this unit is to either compliment a cadaver dog and handler or running solo recovery missions when requested.  To meet our inland water team, click below:


Our Support Unit/Comms has been with us since the beginning because frankly, you can't operate without a great support staff and communication capabilities.  Since its inception, we have increased our proficiency by taking numerous MLSO classes through SCSLLC while also taking IC 300, 400 and NC's All Hazards IMT class 


Our resource unit helps ensure all requesting agencies get the resources they need from us and that we have the resources we need to be successful.  Since our inception in 2007, we have slowly compiled a resource rich team.  To learn more on what we can provide any requesting agency, just click below:


Interested in Joining?

SCSAR is first and foremost, a family.  Over the last 12 years we've built this program on the foundation of humility and servitude.  If you wish to join our family of SAR volunteers we would love to add you.  Just click below to learn more!

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