We've been blessed to have a great Support/Comms group since we began in 2007.  Since that time, our Support/Comms team has received some and/or all of the following training:

  • Ham Radio Training

  • Managing the Inland Search Function/Managing Land Search Ops

  • All Hazards IMT

  • ICS 300

  • ICS 400 (coming this fall)

  • Wide Area Search (Teex)


Above are just a few of the key trainings our Support Staff have undertaken.  Some of our Support Staff also serve other roles (ground, drone, etc) based on the callout and the most immediate need(s).  Below is a list of our Support Staff with members who have been spotlighted in the past hyperlinked.


EMR - Emergency Medical Responder

SARFUN - Search and Rescue Fundamentals

MISF- Managing the Inland Search Function

MLSO - Managing Land Search Operations


  1. Charles Allen
  2. Dana Ballew - SARFUN
  3. Paul Barriage
  4. Carol Ann Birtcil SARII/MISF
  5. Brian Brown SARII/MISF/AHIMT
  6. Paleather Burnett SARII/MISF
  7. Edward Button SARII/EMR/MISF
  8. Larry Easler SARII/MISF
  9. Melanie Farnsworth-Ballew SARII/EMR/MISF/AHIMT
  10. Teresa Foster
  11. Robert Grudzien SARII/EMT-A/MLSO
  12. Barbara Grudzien SARII/EMT/MLSO
  13. Elaine Gutierrez
  14. Jorge Gutierrez
  15. John Hubbard - MISF
  16. Tiffany Hughes - PIO
  17. Lisa Jenkins SARII/MISF
  18. Jackie Landis SARII/EMT/MISF
  19. Douglas Latham SARII
  20. Tyrrell Latham  SARII
  21. William Leeder SARFUN
  22. Richard Lewis SARII/EMR.MLSO
  23. Susan Long SARII/MISF
  24. Dave Mettler SARII/MISF
  25. Patricia Miller SARII
  26. Jeanetta Morrow SARII/MISF
  27. Jane Patterson EMR/MLSO
  28. Tracy Pridgeon SARII/EMR/MLSO
  29. Adam Rinehart SARII/EMT
  30. Karen Steele SARII
  31. Emily Scott
  32. Robbie Swofford SARII/EMR/MISF/AHIMT
  33. Beverly Tonkovic SARFUN/MISF
  34. Joe Tonkovic SAFUN/MISF
  35. Gary Titcomb SARII
  36. Laura Turner SARII/EMT/MISF

In addition to the above members listed, we've worked diligently towards increased comms proficiency.  One aspect of our efforts has been our ham radio training efforts.  To date, here are our active Ham Radio operators as of 5/23/19:


  1. Robbie Swofford KI4WVC

  2. Bob Grudzien KE7LJ

  3. Pokey Burnett KK4UCE

  4. Tony Craig  KJ4HGW

  5. Carol Ann Birtcil KN4NUC

  6. Tyra Seymour - KM4CHT

  7. Bill Leeder - KI4WVF

  8. Mark Lightner KM4OIA

  9. Joel Livesay KJ4UHZ

  10. Chuck Allen KK4SAB

  11. Emily Scott KK4YUJ

  12. Adam Rinehart K9WAR

  13. Paul Barriage KI4WVH

  14. Jane Patterson KI4YVY

  15. Ted Button W4ERD

  16. Larry Easler KNFNUF

  17. Richard Lewis, KM4CIA

  18. Laura Turner, KN4NUD

  19. Cherise Crosby  KJ4MVR

  20. Robert McKee, K4CVY

  21. Teresa Foster, KI4WUS

  22. Tommy Burgess  KM4CIE

  23. Barbara Grudzien N7UST

  24. Gary Titcomb, KI6RFT

  25. Mike Tolman, KJ4MVS

  26. Angela Miller, KN4RJP

  27. Al Gauthier, KN4RJQ

  28. Jimmy Center. KN4RJR. 

  29. Jeff Hunt KM4AYP

  30. Reba Hunt KM4AYQ

  31. Melanie Ballew KM4CIB

  32. Jon R. Hubbard, KN4RJN

  33. Brian Brown, KI4WVG