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Resource Unit


Our Resource Unit helps ensure we bring what's requested of an outside agency in addition to bringing what we need to be self-sufficient for any search.  For any outside agency looking into our program or potential volunteers, here are some of the highlights:

  • 25 Ft Gooseneck Command Trailer with 25ft Mast

  • 14ft Rehab Trailer

  • Light tower with 6KW Kubota Diesel Generator

  • Multiple KW Generators (2kw to 17500kw)

  • 3 Shower/Restroom Trailer with 150 Gallon Tank

  • Plumcase Extended for Internet Wifi 

  • Drones/Cameras - See Drone Unit

  • Inland Water Equipment - See Inland Water Unit

  • GPS Units - Close to 40 total - 64's, Montanans, Rhino's, Etrex's

  • Handheld Waeather Stations 

  • 2 Flir Thermal Imagers - ProScouts 

  • 2 Gen2 Night Vision Goggles (older bust still effective)

  • Laptops/TV's/AV - Numerous laptops, sound systems, TV's, etc

  • 8 Cool Pix Cameras for evidence collection

  • Plus much, much more

In addition to the above items, we also have a robust comms program.  Here are some highlights of that:

  • 20+ Yaseau FT60's (UHF/VHF)

  • 40+ Baofeng's UHF/VHF (14 loaned out to partner team) 

  • 5 800MHZ HT"s, 2 Mobiles - Kenwood’s

  • 10 TYT DMR/Analog HT's

  • 5 DMR Mobile Units

  • 7 Communication Go-Boxes

  • Lots of FRS radios (only issue those to ground teams on task assignments)

  • Mobile Repeater 

  • Stationary UHF repeater at hospital (Ham Radio)

  • Over 10 Ham Mobile Radios (FT8800s, Kenwood, ICOM, etc) and 2 HF radios

  • and more!

With the vast amount of comm's, we have numerous options available.  In addition, we have our own UHF/VHF frequencies that are nationwide for analog and digital communications.  Those frequencies are:

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