Inland Water

Inland Water

Our first Inland Water Search was in 2016 and from 2016 to 2018 our Inland Water program has limited activity.  Initially, it was strictly a resource for Cadavear dog handlers.  However, beginning in 2018 we added the Side Scan Sonar component and since that time we've utilized it on several recovery requests. Currently, our Inland Water Unit is comprised on the following equipment and members:


The Boat, motors, and kayaks:

We have a 16ft Zodiac we use for Inland Water along with numerous kayaks our members bring when requested.  For any activation we can bring the boat while kayaks are based on volunteer availability.  

The boat itself can be powered by:

  • 20 HP 4 Stroke Tahutsu 

  • 3.5 HP Motor

  • Paddles

Side Scan

Presently, we have the following Side Scan Sonar Units and Under Water ROV:

  • Hummingbird Helix 12 G3

  • Hummingbird Helix 10 G2 (loaned out to SO)

  • Humminbird Helix 7 G3

  • Deep Trekker DTG3 

Equipment/Boat/Kayak Operators


Our Equipment/Boat/Kayak operators are avid outdoorsman/women.  Those who operate the actual Sonar Unit have also either taken a class provided by Henderson County Rescue Squad or recently participated in the SONAR Interpretation Class (MOO-0001) through the State of NC.  Below are our Inland Water Team Members

Boat Captains/Side Scan Operators

  1. Owen Murphy - HCRS Class - Inland Water Coordinator

  2. Josh Godgrey - Comms/ROV Operator 

  3. Wayne Bailey - ROV Operator 

  4. Derrick Loftis - Side Scan/ROV Operator

  5. Evan Cook - M00-001 - Side Scan - ROV Operator

  6. Paleather Burnett - HCRS Class - Side Scan

  7. Brian Brown - HCRS Class - Side Scan

  8. Scott Langley - In Training 

  9. Melanie Ballew - HCRS Class - Side Scan/ROV Operator

  10. Bill Bomar - HCRS Class - The Skipper

  11. Robbie Swofford - HRCS Class/M00-001 - Side Scan/ROV Operator 


  1. Tim Alexander

  2. Brian Brown

  3. Larry Easler

  4. Greg Herbst

  5. Lisa Jenkins

  6. Scott Langley

  7. Dianne Long

  8. Tyra Seymour

  9. Karen Steele

  10. Laura Turner