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Ground Unit

We began our venture into SAR as a ground team and since that time, we've formed one of the more robust teams in our region.  Currently, our ground team exceeds 70 members and the minimum requirements, for all of our ground team members, are the following:

  • IS 100, IS 317, IS 700, IS 800



  • CPR/First Aid 

  • Wilderness First Aid 

  • Background Check

In addition to the above requirements, many of our members have IC-200, IC-300, IC-400, IC-800, Managing the Inland Search Function/Lost Person Behavior, All Hazards IMT, etc.  Since SCSAR began as a ground unit in 2006, this is our most robust Unit.  With so many ground team members and members in general, we're adding Member Spotlights as we receive them.  Therefore, if a name is hyperlinked, feel free to learn more about that member.  As of 5/23, here is our Ground Unit roster:

  1. William Alexander SARII

  2. Ted Andrus, SARII

  3. Tara Aperis, SARII

  4. Anthony Aun, SARII

  5. Gus Ballard

  6. Todd Ballew SARII/EMR

  7. Paul Barriage

  8. Lucie Belzil NCLFTM/SARII

  9. Carol Ann Birtcil SARII

  10. Brian Brown SARII/EMR

  11. Michael Brown, SARII

  12. Paleather Burnett SARII

  13. Edward Button SARII/EMR

  14. Nina Cabe,SARII

  15. James Center SARII/EMR

  16. John Chism

  17. Antonio Craig SARII/EMR

  18. Geoffrey Drake, SARII

  19. Alex Duncan, SARII 

  20. Larry Easler SARII

  21. Robert Espindola SARII/EMR

  22. Tara Ferrel, SARII

  23. Donna Frady, SARII

  24. Joshua Godfrey, SARII

  25. Megan Golbus - EMT-P SARII 

  26. Tyler Golbus, EMT SARII

  27. Darryl Goodwin SARII

  28. Ben Gray SARII

  29. Lee Gosnell SARII

  30. Ben Gray, SARII

  31. Doug Grenade, SARII

  32. Pam Grenade, SARII

  33. Kohlten Groce, SARII

  34. Ty Grogan, SARII

  35. Robert Grudzien SARII/EMT-A

  36. Christina Hogle, SARII

  37. David Hartman, SARII

  38. Marty Hester, SARII

  39. Kevin Hite, SARII 

  40. Timothy Jamison SARII/EMT

  41. Scott Langley SARII

  42. Benjamin Lappin SARII

  43. Christina Lee, SARII

  44. Timothy Mock

  45. Jeanetta Morrow SARII

  46. Owen Murphy, SARII

  47. Dwayne Nolt, SARII

  48. Alexander Nichols, SARII

  49. Jonathan Nuckolls SARII

  50. Sara Nuckolls, SAR II

  51. Ashley Poole EMT-P

  52. Sydnie Pye

  53. Bryan Ray, SARII

  54. Jimmy Riley SARII

  55. Dr Garrett Root, SARII

  56. Ana Saldierna

  57. Michelle Scruggs SARII

  58. James Seacord

  59. William Seymour SARII/EMR

  60. Guy Seymour SARII

  61. Ricky Shafer SARII

  62. Daniel Smith

  63. Kinsey Soniat

  64. Harrison Swann, EMT, NCLFTM

  65. Robbie Swofford SARII/EMR

  66. Clemson Turregano

  67. Laura Turner SARII/EMT

  68. Valerie Vernet SARII

  69. Andrew West

  70. Susan Whitehead

  71. Brian Williamson SARII/EMR

  72. Mark Yerkes SARII

  73. Christopher Youman SARII

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